Leisure activities


around Burgschwalbach

In Burgschwalbach you will find 4 signposted walks which all start and finish in the middle of the village, directly next to your accommodation. Enjoy the beautiful countryside and get to know the area.

Description of the walks in Burgschwalbach

Aar- Höhenweg

At the time of the Romans, the Aar-Höhenweg was the connection between the castles along the Roman wall "Limes".

The 63,5 km long Aar-Höhenweg leads from the source of the Aar in Taunusstein-Orlen through to where it flows into the Lahn in Diez.

Our Bistro-Dorfcafe in the middle of Burgschwalbach lies directly on the Aar-Höhenweg and invites you to take a rest in our bistro or on our terrace.

Description Aar-Höhenweg

Spring path

In one of Germany’s most pleasant secondary mountain ranges, the western Taunus, pathways lead from Zollhaus, through Aarbergen and the lower Aar valley and „Einrich“.

Start from your accommodation at our guesthouse Auszeit in Zollhaus (distance 800 Meter).

Description Spring path


Aartal-Radweg (Aar valley cycling track)

The Aartal cycling track between Diez and Aarbergen is particularly suitable for families as it has few hills and goes directly past Burgschwalbach.

From your accommodation in guest house Auszeit you can reach the cycling path in just a few minutes (800 Meter).

Description Aartal-Radweg

Lahn-Radweg (Lahn valley cycling track)

After just a few kilometres along the Aar valley cycling track, you will stumble across the Lahn valley cycling track and you can discover the river Lahn on its well-developed cycling paths.

Description Lahn-Radweg


Baggersee Diez (Quarry lake)

The quarry lake in Diez (Baggersee) in its incomparable position in a nature preservation park is one of the most attractive and popular swimming lakes in Germany. You can reach this lake in 15 mins (10 km) from your accommodation.

Description Baggersee

Fun and relaxation

Fairytale Forest

The "Märchenwald" (fairytale forest) is known far from the borders of Burgschwalbach as playpark in the woods. Various playground equipment is available amidst the trees. And the best bit – it doesn’t cost a thing.

And either during or after playtime, we would be glad to serve you original Italian ice-cream, pizza, home-made cakes and gateaux or other delicacies. All available as a take away.

Description Märchenwald

Nature Trail Hahnstätten

Just a few minutes from your accommodation (2 km) you will find the nature trail in our neighbouring village Hahnstätten. A discovery trail for all senses.

Description Nature Trail Hahnstätten


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