Dear Guest,

Our conditions of admissions are loosely based on the hotel regulations of the German Hotel and Public House Organisation.

The commercial accommodation establishment, Gästehaus „ Nimm ‘ne Auszeit“, Kirchstr.3, 65558 Burgschwalbach, owner: Konradi / Knorr GbR, offers accommodation in accordance with the current price list.
The following conditions, where effective, will be the basis of the contract between guest and host in case of an admissions contract and complete the contractual relationship between the two in addition to all legal regulations.

Please read these conditions carefully.

1. Admissions Contract

The admissions contract is complete as soon as the booking of guest rooms has been confirmed in writing by the host and the guest has re-confirmed giving complete address details with telephone number. In case there is no time for a written confirmation, telephone agreement is valid.
Should the guest not define the length of his stay when renting the room, it will be presumed that the room is rented for one night.

2. Arrival and Departure

Arrival and Departure counts as one day.
On the day of arrival, reserved rooms are available from 3 pm. On the day of departure we kindly ask you to leave your room by 10 am. We require prior notice should arrival be later than 6 pm. On departure, keys are to be returned.
In case of loss of keys, the guest will be invoiced with all costs for replacement of locks including the master key system.

3. Cancellation

Cancellations sound aggravating – and they are – for both parties. It is disappointing when someone cancels although someone else would have like to have come. In case of cancellation, we will endeavour to rent your room.
The guest is obliged to fulfil the claims listed below. In our guesthouse we have the following rules:
  • Cancellations on arrival date and up to 5 days before – the guest pays 90% of the room price
    Cancellations from 6 days before arrival - the guest pays 80% of the room price.
    Cancellations from 14 days before arrival – the guest pays 50% o the room price.
    Cancellations from 18 days before arrival – the guest pays 25% of the room price.
    Cancellations 6 weeks before arrival – free-of-charge.
We recommend travel cancellation expenses insurance.

4. Re-Allocation

The guest may not allocate the rooms to others even if the time for which he has paid is not yet over. Persons not registered as hotel guests may stay in the rooms from 7 am to 10 pm.

5. Rest Periods

The nightly rest period in our guesthouse is from 10 pm – 7 am. Guest behaviour during these times should not be such that other guests are disturbed. We reserve the right to refuse service to guests who have violated these regulations.

6. No-Smoking Rule

Smoking is forbidden in the whole building. Should this rule not be heeded, the initiator will be invoiced with the costs for additional cleaning of rooms, building as well as any consequential costs in case of fire.

7. Liabilities

We cannot be made liable for the loss of cash, non-cash valuables or other means of payment, valuables or treasures which were not deposited in the room safe.
We take no responsibility for any damage or loss of cars or other objects deposited in our car park or on our premises.

8. Lost Property

Personal property left in rooms after departure can be forwarded to the address on the registration papers at the cost of the guest. If necessary precautions are not made, personal property will be set aside for 3 months and afterwards donated to charity.

9. Pets

Dogs and cats are generally allowed on pre-arrangement and at the price stated in our price list.
Other pets require special agreement with our house. We reserve the right to invoice separate charges.

10. Damage/Soiling

Should any damage occur in the room (e.g. glass breakage, burns, soiling of mattresses and bedding etc.) caused by the guest, accompanying persons or their pets, this is usually covered by the guest’s general liability insurance. If the guest has no insurance or if the insurance refuses to cover the damage caused, the guest is personally liable for any damages. The guest should always check that doors are locked when leaving the room.
With respect to fire safety, the use of immersion boilers, irons, kettles and similar devices in rooms is forbidden. This is not valid for charging devices and mains adapters.

Rooms are to be handed over to the host in clean condition. In case of extreme soiling, the host reserves the right to invoice surplus costs for cleaning to the guest.

11. Prices

All prices included in our pricelist include the present VAT. VAT changes which occur after confirmation of booking will be charged to the guest after prior information.

12. Payment

No down-payment is required. You pay for room plus any additional services, costs or charges on departure. We accept cash (only EURO currency), EC card with PIN or credit cards with a supplementary charge of 3%.

13. Place of Jurisdiction

Sole place of jurisdiction is the location of the Gästehaus „ Nimm ne Auszeit“, Kirchstr.3, 65558 Burgschwalbach, district court Diez / Lahn.


Kirchstraße 3
65558 Burgschwalbach

06430 - 92 81 495

Auszeit Burgschwalbach